cs4 CustomServ, Inc. pioneered the development of Sewn Fibrous Novelty Shapes in the late 1980s, first using natural beef middle casings to make regulation-size football casings for in-store promotions.  In 1990, we refined the idea by using fibrous rather than natural casing material, thereby reducing the cost and offering greater uniformity and ease of handling.


These shapes have an eye-catching appeal for gift boxes, and have been a fixture in several gift catalogs. CustomServ’s Sewn Fibrous Novelty Casings will help you break away from the pack, and put your product in a league of its own. Gain a competitive edge with these eye-catching shapes in your sports promotions, fund raising, gift catalogs, in-store promotions, and more! CustomServ offers a wide variety of Sewn Fibrous Novelty Shapes. The football shape has been our most popular casing, giving sausage makers the opportunity to connect with the American consumer’s obsession with the game.

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We are an affiliate of Natural Casing Company, a provider of  natural sausage casings for the manufacture of delicatessen-quality, “Old World” style sausages.